Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Insecure Writer's Support Group Meeting is in session.


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Good morning everyone!  How are you?  Here is a photo of the Point Amour lighthouse, the tallest in Atlantic Canada.  It is on the south coast of Labrador and the fella and I saw it a couple of years ago when we took that route home.

And why a pic of a lighthouse? Well, a lighthouse is one of emblems of the IWSG.  You might be sailing along very nicely, thank you, enjoying a calm sea and making great time on your voyage to publication, or to finish your third draft. Fine. But what if you find yourself in troubled waters? (Hey, I lived in Chester, NS - I can do the sailing metaphor for reams of virtual paper.)  

Perhaps you are headed directly into uncharted waters. You might crash on the rocks that surround Bay d'Espoir (really - Bay Despair - on the northern coast of Newfoundland). But wait! You see the light glimmering through the fog and waves. You hear the deep baritone of its foghorn. The lighthouse helps guide you through treacherous waters.

How does the group act as a lighthouse?

Well, it is made up of many people who have different abilities on the writing front. Some of them are published authors, some are just starting out and many are in-between.  ALL OF THEM are willing to extend a hand, point a way out of whatever fix you've found yourself in,and mostly to just listen, nod, and tell you to keep sailing. 

I'm feeling very hopeful right now. No - not about the state of the world, but writing for me even helps that - but about my writing practice. I'm taking two days off this week so I can spend four days working on my current project. In the weird way that I work I guess I'm on both a second or third draft and figuring out the ending. Yes! I have to go back and back and keep approaching the ending until it becomes clear to me. This is a mystery so that is kind of important! I have all the components - now I must put them down in a narrative that holds the conclusion. Fun!  I know if I get stuck and down on myself that I have a community that has my back and that is gold!

So - I wish everyone sunny skies and calm waters - but if you hit a squall let me know. I'll be there - shining my little light.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Might have to change the title of this blog...

I`m still Jan Morrison but the `this crazy writing life`might need an edit. I might need to just say `this crazy life` or  `this crazy drawing, watching, protesting, anything-but-writing life`.

On the positive side, if I`m outing myself in this way it does mean I can make a fresh start at this year. The Buddhist New Year isn`t until the end of February so that could be it - but no, think I`ll fly at it a bit earlier.

Maybe I`ll remember my old Kaizen approach. That is the discipline where one makes incremental changes instead of huge ones, in the hopes of your amygdala not acting up (I call it the Gorilla). The Gorilla doesn`t like changes of any kind. So I will make my changes small. I will tell the fella that I want to move my desktop computer downstairs because stairs are hard for me now and will be really hard after hip surgery. Then I will promise myself to work for half an hour on the new novel. That`s it. Just half an hour - no number limits. Nope. One half hour.

Yep. That`s what I`m going to do.

Thanks - youse guys always help me the most. Here`s a drawing I did in my one drawing a day klass.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Post flu, post Trump, post post

Wowza! I usually save that word for things that really knock me off my feet beauty-wise. But I now offer it to the flu spirit. Wowza - you knocked me down and kept me down for three weeks. You kept me from celebrating my birthday, the birthday of Bodhisattva Jesus, the Gregorian New Year and a few other things I don't remember. I am the only person I know who came back from holidays having lost twelve pounds. And that wasn't from nausea or any of that nastiness - just no appetite. No appetite for any food - not even my go-to sick food (bowl of rice with butter, salt and pepper) or even ginger-ale. No appetite for anything - not for reading or watching or sleeping. Nada. No appetite for life at all. This flu, which seemed to be mainly a cold and cough, came with a terrible malaise. I have a very new and strong respect for those who suffer from depression. I don't know how folks make it day to day - because one has no energy to change, or belief that one can.

On the up side, I'm loving feeling good. Well, feeling good within the limits of this hip pain. That I know will end. Just get me that new Barbi-doll hip and I'll be back roaming the woods and shore. But truly? If I was told that I either had to have the hip pain for the rest of my life or bouts of depression, I'd take the hip pain (as long as I could have my current medication that is).  I have buckets of energy and just a true appreciation for feeling good enough, that is making each day easier. We have a new gang at work (I work at a residential treatment centre) and I can't wait to get to know them. I am excited for my days at the school on the reservation (Wednesdays) and am also glad for small accomplishments - I cleaned the fridge on Saturday!!

In my writing life I have little to report except feelings of optimism. I'm still waiting to hear back from some folks on Bright Angel and have another set of query packages to go out. I really want to get Crooked Knife finished and polished and ready to go. I have a hunch about that book and I want to check out if I'm right. I also want to compile a manuscript of poetry and photos I've done since I've been in Labrador and see if I can someone to look at that - or self-publish it.

I continue to do a digital painting with writing daily on fb and not sure if I need to do anything about that or just enjoy the discipline.  here's one from a few weeks back. I find that my art has gotten darker since the election. Like Princess Leia said "take your broken heart and make art". It is healing and others seem to get something too.

The river, the ice, the skates - sure, she had them, but the desire to skate away had flown.
 Maybe skating in slow delicious circles was her way now.

So that's me for right now. Feeling better, trying to stay on the up, creating and healing. Howzaboutyou?

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Maybe just a tad insecure

Yes, it is another meeting of the Insecure Writer's Support Group!  I'm ignoring the prompt today as I truly can't think of a piece of writers' advice that I wish I hadn't read and truly if I wished I hadn't read it why would I pass it on to you?

Instead, I am going to tell you, and remind myself, of the best piece of writer advice I ever heard. It was from my daddio and it was "sit down and write!" Yep - he made it simple - a little dab of bum glue and a fella or gal would be set. Forget about everything else, or better yet, like a holistic farmer, turn all of it beneath your plow. Feeling stuck? Write about that. Bored with your story - make that ennui a plot point.  Furious at all those rejection lettters? Writing well is the best revenge.

It is the start of a nice fresh unbesmirched year. I've begun a new drawing course which has me making at least one drawing a day. I'm back on my cushion meditating. Today I will spend an hour with my most recent ms.

How about you?

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

 Yes, oh my, it is time for another meeting of the Insecure Writers Support Group! Click the name and go to the site to sign up. It's a world of fun.

DECEMBER'S QUESTION: In terms of your writing career, where do you see yourself five years from now, and what's your plan to get there?

Jeesh - I don't only have to show up - I have to think. Five years, five long crazy years. Will I be back in Nova Scotia? I sure hope so. I suppose that isn't the question but my writing life is entwined intimately with my life life. In five years I would like to have three books published. Bright Angel will be first - I think it will be published in 2017. Next up will be the one I just finished the first shitty draft of - Crooked Knife.  The other one I'm less certain of - it may be one that I've already finished but need to polish before it goes a looking for a home - The Rock Walker.  It, like Crooked Knife, is a mystery and I have another one mostly done that has the same protagonists. It is called Earth Bound. Or I might try another of my literary novels - True  or Feckless.  Hard to say. Both of them need another go round though they are mostly ready. Or it might be a totally new one I'm brewing - Caribou Dreaming. That's going to be a graphic novel so needs a different approach. I like to learn new things. 

I would like to consider my poems too. Last year I wrote 65 poems for my best friend over the year. I finished in September and I really like them. They belong to her though so I'd have to see if she'd let me try and get them published. If not, I have loads of poems with no end in sight.

What a very fun topic this is. 

Now - how do I get there? One word at a time - whether it is a shitty first draft word, a revision word, or a selling package word. I feel really good about Bright Angel. It is out there and I'm not worrying about it. Oh - I haven't forgotten it - but I'm not stressing one way or the other. I know my package works and I trust the novel so we'll just see. Once it is published I'm well aware I'll have lots of work to do. No one handles the whole thing for writers anymore and I'm good with that. I was a publicist in a past life and I have no problem publicizing the heck out of that one. I like the story it tells and I think it is an important one. As to the other ones - I have to finish the one I just got up to 80 thousand words on. That will take me a bit of time - it is a holy mess. And then when ever I get bogged down on that I will polish on one of the other ones. Yep. A plan!

That's my plan - how about you all?